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Orthodontics Consultants at The Apollo Clinic, Salt Lake Kolkata
What is Orthodontics all about?
Your face is the most expressive part of the entire body. And a badly proportioned face is a permanent scar to ones over all personality.

A natural smile is one of the best expressions of the human face. However if this expression is hindered due to some crookedly positioned teeth or some deformity of the face it gives a bad overall performance of facial expression. This can act as a permanent hindrance to ones overall development which includes self-esteem.
ORTHODONTICS is all about correcting crookedly positioned teeth and jaws and harmonizing a badly proportioned face.
A growing individual with any kind of jaw problem:
-Usually treated with functional jaw orthopedic therapy which is aimed at harmonizing the growing jaws with each other and with the overall face
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Dr. Angshuman Bhattacharya Orthodontist


4 to 6 pm
Please take prior appoinment at +91 - 33 - 2358 1021 / 22 / 23 to help us assist you better and reduce your waiting time.