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Endodontics Consultants at The Apollo Clinic, Salt Lake Kolkata

Healthy teeth are a key to healthy body and mind. We need them for chewing, speaking clearly & flashing a bright heart warming smile. With advances in dentistry and oral care products, we are more likely to enjoy strong & healthy teeth for prolonged periods of life. Teeth, which were required to be salvaged in the early days by means of extraction are now being routinely saved by Root Canal Treatment. If we don’t sacrifice our other body parts, which are diseased, why should we extend such a sacrificing approach towards our teeth? Take the help of an Endodontist to save your teeth otherwise deemed for Extraction (Removal) chipped, broken discolored teeth are now a thing of past. An Endodontist will perform Cosmetic Treatment modality & will even design your smile. It is essential to undergo periodic dental check up and restore (fill) the teeth at early stages.

Products and medicines are available which may aid in reducing the caries rate but this need to be monitored by the dentist at regular intervals.       
After all prevention is better than cure.
Consultant Qualification Days Timings
Dr. Paromita Mazumder Endodontist


3 to 5 pm
Dr. Sweta Tolasaria Endodontist


4 to 6 pm


4 to 8 pm


6 to 8 pm


5 to 6 pm
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