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Apollo Preventive Health Programmes -
These are programmes specially tailored to the patient's age and lifestyle and help to identify risk factors and early signs of ailments like heart disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers. Though we have standard packages, we can customize these for corporations
Pre- Employment Screening -
These are customized packages based on the needs of corporate clients. The reports are delivered in confidence to the client within 48 hours.
Pre- Visa/Immigration Checks -
These are customized packages designed for consulates who require visa seekers to undergo mandatory health checks
Apollo Sickbay’s -
Apollo Sickbay’s are dedicated centers that can be set up in corporate offices and factories to provide in-house medical care to employees. Currently, two Apollo Sickbay’s are functioning at different locations including GENPACT and IBM Daksh
Apollo family Health Plan -
Apollo Family Health Plans are Annual, Pre-Paid plans that cover a family for a wide range of domiciliary medical needs like GP, Specialist consultations and diagnostics